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Mario Desert Adventure

Mario Desert  Adventure
Description: What do you say to play a desert adventure game with Mario? If you are looking for a taste that classic Mario games gives, you will have real fun while playing this game. Before the game, you can choose either Mario or Luigi character and start to the game. You will direct your character by using your right and left ‘DIRECTION’ buttons. And to jump, you can use ‘Z’ push-button. Inside the game, mushrooms, plants and the others that are always the enemies of Mario are waiting for you. With Mario and Luigi characters, you should break the stones and collect the gold in them and the other golden. You can enlarge the length of your character by taking the enlarging mushroom that comes out of the stones. By jumping on the heads of the mushrooms, you should deactivate them and keep moving. Mario needs you in this game to struggle on the desert!
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